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Online Istikhara

What is it?What is it?

If you are planning for something or having any spiritual problem, you can send us a request for istikhara.

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Shortly about Spiritual Solutions

Spiritual Solutions is a free organization which aims to help the humanity. We have authantic persons who have the great spiritual abilities with the mercy of ALLAH. If you are planning for something new like trying to buy new house/car etc, let us make a Free Istikhara for you.

If you are having any spiritual problem, please request for istikhara first and if we will feel that you are having serious problem, we will surelly solve your problem with the blessings of ALLAH Insha ALLAH.

«Here will be our testimonials. Means what the people who received our services said about us and what they feels during the recovery/exorcism etc.»

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Our Other Sections

Foreclosure prevention Questions & Answers
In this section, You can ask any regious or spiritual type question. Our Mufti Muhammad Amin Qadri Madani will give you the answer in the light of Quran and Hadith InSha ALLAH.

Foreclosure prevention Our Video Section
Here you may can watch our beloved Mufti, Hazrat Illama Moulana Mufti Muhammad Amin Qadri Al-Madani giving lecture upon different topics/questions etc InSha ALLAH.

Wholesome advice!

Please be a proper muslim. Offer 5 times prayer daily and read the Holy QURAN at least a chapter. And always keep busy sending durood to the Prophet MUHAMMAD (Peace Be Upon Him) than nobody will effect/harm you from any kind of magic/evil etc.

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